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GEOMAP® COMPANY, founded in 1959, is the largest supplier of geologic mapping services in the United States. Geomap creates customer solutions through its scientific and technical knowledge and provides leadership in the field of petroleum geology.

Every major oil company, major independent, and numerous small independent operators rely on the expertise and information available at Geomap. It is our privilege to assist our customers with oil and gas exploration and development by providing well organized, up-to-date and reliable information. In addition to exploration companies, Geomap® Company provides services to environmental firms, drilling contractors, financial institutions, utilities, and law firms.

Let Geomap be your guide to the subsurface, helping you maneuver easily and quickly through a maze of prospects or producing properties. We manage large volumes of data for the benefit of our customers in Geomap Data Centers in Plano and Houston.

Geomap's success results from our commitment to customer satisfaction. Our well-trained and experienced staff is dedicated to rigorous quality control procedures to ensure that our products and services are accurate and provided in a courteous and timely manner. We offer a full spectrum of reconnaissance tools designed to aid in high-grading prospects or evaluating producing properties. Come along with us as we explore the possibilities.


Frequently, the first step an exploration or development company, drilling contractor, investor group, or independent consultant takes is to identify the regional area of interest. Geomap's Executive Reference Map series is an excellent tool for evaluating large geographic areas. Field locations, general subsurface structure and geologic age of productive reservoirs are depicted on one map. These popular multicolor maps are suitable for framing. Most Executive Reference Maps are also available in digital format and can be customized for your individual needs.

Basin or Trend Analysis

Production maps, provided by Geomap in selected areas, offer a convenient quick look at well density, pay horizons, initial potentials and field cumulative production.

Up-to-date production data on CD-ROM is useful when the focus narrows from reconnaissance to particular areas of interest. Geomap Data Centers in Plano and Houston provide production data for most hydrocarbon producing basins in the Lower 48 and the Gulf of Mexico.

Narrowing the Search

Geomap's structural mapping services familiarize geoscientists with the structural setting of an area. Mapping services are kept up-to-date by a geologist in each basin. Geomap's structure maps provide an objective second opinion to other geologic interpretations. A subscription membership to any of Geomap's structural mapping areas also offers many other benefits.

"Sample from Geomap Structure Map Southwest Louisiana Map Page 10NE Horizon B"

Final Stage of Development or Evaluation

Access to historical geologic information may be the most crucial factor in the entire exploration and exploitation process. Geomap's extensive, well-organized data centers contain some of the most complete collections of logs, completion cards and scout tickets, structure maps, cross-sections, industry studies, paleontological data, and production information in the country. Our experienced geologists and customer service representatives are also available to assist you.


. . . continues its long tradition of service to the petroleum industry. While continuing to offer our traditional maps and data, we have enhanced our product line with digital data. Geomap emphasizes professional, friendly service as we advance with technology.